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Apple connoisseurs know that there are unique varieties grown in different parts of the world - and different varieties can have subtle differences too - different shades and different flavors that reflect the different growing regions and the different weather. Some varieties grown in the USAEC states may look slightly different - not better or worse, just reflective of the varied areas where delicious US apples are grown.

Apples can be enjoyed in many ways - eating a fresh whole apple, eating a sliced apple, some apples shine best when they are cooked as part of a new or traditional recipe - but you can also use multiple senses to enjoy apples.

  • Smell: apples are often quite aromatic - the McIntosh in particular has a lovely sweet and multi-faceted smell that is unique and delicious.
  • Touch: some apples fit perfectly in your hand - making them a perfect snack food for those on-the-go moments.
  • Sight: the rich colors of apples have long been used in many decorative arts - and even in retail produce settings, the varied colors and shapes lend themselves to creating a visually appealing display. Consider all of the colors of apples that might give the buyers a clue as to their flavor profile! The bright green Granny Smith is known as a tart apple - while the Empire, with its rich red and a slight kiss of green, tells its buyer that the sweet flavor will have just a hint of tart as a balance.

Apple growers in the USAEC states take pride in growing some of the most delicious apples in the world - some of the varieties grown were developed here.

Apples should be stored in cool temperatures for maximum shelf-life.

The varieties listed below are not all the varieties grown in each of the states. Apple varieties vary from year-to-year based on growing regions and conditions. Click here to see an overview of this years availability.

McIntosh Apple Empire Apple Crispin Apple Gala Apple
McIntosh - Sweet with a tart tang, very juicy - this exceptionally round apple is very common in parts of the Northeastern United States. This bright red and green apple is one of the most aromatic apple varieties. Empire - Unique sweet and tart taste, very juicy - the rich red color is highlighted by a kiss of green - reflecting the sweet taste with a hint of tartness. This round apple boasts a bright shine and stores well. Crispin - Delicately spicy and sweet, very juicy and crisp. This versatile apple has a clean, bright, and fresh crunch. Sometimes known as ‘Mutsu,’ this apple may be larger than other varieties. Gala - Sweet and mild with a light finish, this apple can vary in appearance. While it may range in color it delivers a consistent mellow flavor. Grown in most all of the USAEC states.
Honeycrisp Apple Red Delicious Golden Delicious Fuji Apple
Honeycrisp - Amazingly sweet, tart, juicy, and provides a satisfying snap with every bite. This apple delivers on taste while its apearance may vary. Red Delicious - Bold sweet flavor, crisp, golden flesh. Sometimes found with a spray of color or a stripe-y appearance, they can also vary in shape. Golden Delicious - Mild, sweet and crisp with a comfortable flavor, these apples are rounder than the red delicious and sometimes have an orange-like blush. Fuji - Sweet and juicy, these apples have many different appearances ranging from greenish pink to deep red - but all have the characteristically powerful and sweet crunch.
Braeburn Apple Red Rome Apple Cripps Apple Granny Smith Apple
Braeburn - Sweet, infused with a mellow flavor. This reliable apple is known to store well, eat well, and be an excellent cooking apple. Red Rome - Tart, firm and deep red color. These apples have a huge visual appeal that can also be a big hit when they are cooked as they keep their lovely round shape. Cripps Pink - Sweet, crunchy with a hint of fizz - this apple has a green undertone that underscores atouch of tartness in every bite. Often appearing slightly pink, it’s increasingly popular. Granny Smith - Tart, firm and refreshing - this is the apple for those that love bright tangy flavors for salads and snacks. They are known for their bright, consistent green color.